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May, 2015

May 18: My dissertation was awarded the university-wide Theron Rockwell Field Prize for a distinguished humanities dissertation.

April, 2015

April 14: I'll be giving a talk on "Cognition in Scottish Enlightenment Music Theory" at the Society of Music Theory's annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, and on "Hector Berlioz's Neurophysiological Imagination" at the annual conference of the American Musicological Society in Louisville, Kentucky.

March, 2015

March 22: I'll be giving talks this Summer at the Annual Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy Study Group, King's College London, the Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain Conference in Glasgow, and the Westfield Forte / Piano Festival at Cornell.

February, 2015

February 2: I am incredibly honored to be joining the Columbia Society of Fellows next year as a Mellon Research Fellow and lecturer in the Department of Music.

January, 2015

January 30: My review of John Savarese's article, "Ossian's Folk Psychology," has been published in Vol. 7(2) of the Journal of Literature and Science.

January 28: My dissertation has been featured in the Yale Graduate School Newsletter.

January 23: I'll be giving talks on "Cognition in Scottish Common Sense Music Theory, 1770-1786," at both the 13th Annual Meeting of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic at Princeton in March, and at the 30th Annual Meeting, New England Conference of Music Theorists at Boston University in April.

December, 2014

December 9: My article, "'The Expressive Organ Within Us:' Ether, Ethereality, and Early Romantic Ideas about Music and the Nerves," is now out in 19th-Century Music. Special thanks to my wonderful advisor, Pat McCreless, and committee members Brian Kane and Paola Bertucci, for all their help and input during the process.

November, 2014

November 4: I really enjoyed presenting at the Yale History of Medicine Program's monthly Holmes Workshop. Unfortunately I broke my foot right before the talk, which meant that I couldn't travel to the History of Science Society's Annual Meeting in Chicago a few days later to give my paper, "'The Expressive Organ Within Us:' Ether, Ethereality, and Early Romantic Ideas about Music and the Nerves." Luckily, my friend and colleague, historian of science Courtney Thompson, stepped in to save the day, and delivered my talk at the session, "Music, Acoustics, and Rhythm in the Sciences."

October, 2014

October 13: I had a great time presenting the third chapter of my dissertation "Hector Berlioz's Neurophysiological Imagination," at the Yale Sound Studies Working Group's colloquium at the Whitney Humanities Center. It was really wonderful to brainstorm with so many interdisciplinary scholars.

July, 2014

July 15: My article “'The Expressive Organ Within Us': Ether, Ethereality, and Early Romantic Ideas about Music and the Nerves” will be published in Vol. 38:2 of 19th-Century Music.

June, 2014

June 25: My recording review, “Cute Boy, Charming Girl: Children's Songs of the Modern Hebrew Nation (1882-1948)” has been published in volume 45/2 of Asian Music.

June 23: I'll be giving a talk on my dissertation research at the annual meeting of the History of Science Society in Chicago this November.

March, 2014

March 13: I'm giving a talk on my dissertation research at the 19th annual meeting of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences in Brussels, Belgium this July.

January, 2014

January 20: I'll be giving papers at a conference entitled "From Bone Flute to Autotune" at UC Berkeley this April, and at the 18th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music at the University of Toronto this June.

January 9: It was a great honor to give a talk on Philippe Leroux's De La Texture as part of the Meitar Ensemble's "Contemporary Encounters 2014" Festival at the Center for New Music at the Israel Music Conservatory. While analyzing the piece I became convinced that it is one of the most important works composed since the turn of the century. Look out for the world-premiere recording of the piece on the Meitar Ensemble's portrait CD of Leroux, which will be released next year.

October, 2013

October 6: I had a wonderful time at the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie in Rostock. I heard a lot of interesting talks at the incredibly well-organized event, and giving my paper in German was a fun challenge.

June, 2013

June 17: My article, "From Trinidad to Cyberspace: Reconsidering Toch's Geographical Fugue" has been published in issue 9/2 of the Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft fuer Musiktheorie. Special thanks to Dan Harrison for mentoring me on this project, which originated as a presentation for his fugue class.

April, 2013

April 19: I feel so honored to be selected as a Whiting Fellow for 2013-2014. Special thanks to my wonderful advisor, Pat McCreless, and to Brian Kane and Sarah Weiss for all their help! I am incredibly lucky to have such a supportive community here at Yale.

February, 2013

February 15: I'll be giving a talk on my dissertation research at two conferences in April: "Imagining Sound in the Early Nineteenth Century" at Cornell University, and "Cognition and Poetics 2013" at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany.

December, 2012

December 15: I've received a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degree from Yale University.

May, 2012

May 17: I've advanced to candidacy at Yale, and am excited to be working with my advisor Pat McCreless on a dissertation exploring the relationship between concepts of nervous physiology, aesthetics, and music at the end of the eighteenth-century through the early Romantic period.

May 12: Participating in the Music, Cognition, Technology, Society conference at Cornell University was incredible fun. The conference featured some really amazing scholars and musicians, and I met interesting people from across a number of music-related fields.

March, 2012

March 6: I'll be giving a talk on my research on Ernst Toch, entitled "From Trinidad to Cyberspace: Toch's Geographical Fugue, Reconsidered " at the Music, Cognition, Technology, Society conference at Cornell University in May 2012.

January, 2012

January 26: My article "Wagnerpunk: A Steampunk Reading of Patrice Chereau's Staging of Der Ring des Nibelungen (1976)" is now available online as part of the Journal of Neo-Victorian Studies special issue on Spectacles and Things - Visual and Material Culture and/in Neo-Victorianism, edited by Nadine Boehm and Susanne Gruss.

November, 2011

November 17: My guest lecture on Ernst Toch's Geographical Fugue at Bar-Ilan University's Music Department was a lot of fun - the students asked me some great questions.

July, 2011

July 11-13: Participating in the Center for Creation, Content and Technology's Summer School at the University of Amsterdam was a really wonderful experience. I learned so much about different psychological, biological and neuroscience-based approaches to empathy and communication, and met many interesting students and lecturers from around the world. A terrific initiative that I can't recommend highly enough.

June, 2011

June 2: I've received a Master of Arts (MA) degree from Yale University.

March, 2011

March 30: It was a real privilege to give my paper, "Arrangements of Shirei Eretz Israel as Expressions of the Shifting Politics of Israeli Identity," at the Institute of Music Research's conference on Israeli Music at the SOAS in London. A marvelous four-day event centered on both current and historical developments in Jewish Art Music, the conference was both fun and very informative.

February, 2011

February 12: The past month saw my official debut as an academic: I gave a paper on "Arrangements of Shirei Eretz Israel as Expressions of the Shifting Politics of Israeli Identity," at the Yale Music Department's Works-in-Progress Series, and gave another paper, "Putting the Cart(er) before the Horse" at the Stony Brook Graduate Music Symposium. Thanks to the talented folks at Stony Brook for organizing an incredibly fun event!

January, 2011

January 20: By popular demand: my Map of the Field of Music Theory, created for the "current trends" seminar at Yale, now available to download for all XKCD fans.

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December, 2010

December 20: My paper, "Putting the Cart(er) before the Horse" was accepted at the Stony Brook Graduate Music Symposium, which will take place on February 11-12, 2011. An abstract is available here. The paper, which I wrote as a final project in Eve Poudrier's Elliott Carter Seminar, is an empirical study of whether we can hear metric modulations in different contexts. Special thanks to my fellow students for patiently participating in my experiments!

August, 2010

August 6: I've been invited to give a paper at the "Art Musics of Israel: Identities, Ideologies, Influences" conference, taking place between Monday 28 March - Thursday 31 March 2011 at the University of London. I'll be discussing "Arrangements of Shirei Eretz Israel as Expressions of the Shifting Politics of Israeli Identity," the abstract is available here. This paper grew out of experiences I had playing in Omer Avital and Israel Borochov's Debka Fantastia Project back in 2008, as well as the Ethnomusicology Seminar I took at Yale with Sarah Weiss.

July, 2010

July 20, 2010: My analysis of Shulamit Ran's String Quartet no. 1 has been published in Israeli Music Institute's journal. You can read the article in Hebrew here, but the original English version should appear sometime this year, as the IMI's website is undergoing an upgrade. Special thanks to Uri Golumb, for his fantastic translation and editorial help!